Thursday, November 11, 2010

Linkin Park's "A Thousand Sun"

Linkin Park is very good band that i like. They have been around since 2000 and they have had a a few albums. Some of my favorite songs from them are "Numb", "In The End", and "New Divide". I had bought there latest album "A Thousand Suns" a while back and i have to say that it is totally a different sounds for them. I have heard some people say that they arent going to be the same Linkin Park as before and they suck because they dont make good songs anymore. Well to those people i would have to say all artist change through there career. Linkin Park has changed and i think its a good thing. There sound is different but the band is still the same. Some of the songs i like of the album are "When They Come For Me", "Blackout", "Wretches and Kings", and " The Catalyst". Not that i dont like all the other song i just listen to these the most. What are some of your favorite LInkin Park songs and do you like the new Linkin Park or the old Linkin Park?

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