Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Halloween is almost here and while the little kids are going to be getting their candy. The teens and adults will most likely be at Halloween parties. If you are planning to have ones of these parties here are some song that the ghouls and ghost there could dance to. Monster Mash by Bobby 'Boris' Pickett , Thriller by Michael Jackson, Ghost Busters - Ray Parker Jr., I Put A Spell On You by Screaming Jay Hawkins, Somebody's Watching Me by Rockwell, People Are Strange by The Doors,Witch Doctor by David Seville, Black Magic Woman by Santana, Ghost N Stuff by Deadmau5, and Maniac by Kid Cudi . These songs will have the dead coming back to life to dance. Bhuhahahahahahah!!!!!!!

Kanye West's Runaway

Have you guy seen Kanye West's mini film "Runaway". It was directed by Mr.West himself and star Victoria Secret Model Selita Ebanks. The film has many song from the upcoming album "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy". The song that really stood out to me were the opening song of the movie which was "Dark Fantasy" and the song in the end which was "Lost in the World". The film also feature other artist in some songs like Kid Cudi, Raekwon, Rihanna, John Legend, and Bon Iver. What were some of your favorite songs in the film and why and if you havent seen the film you could see it down below.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Blog Review

A blog that i really like to read is the MTV Music Blog because it has to do with music. Its a nice blog because its made by MTV. They talk about lots if different type of music which is like i want to accomplish with my blog. The MTV blog has links to a lof of other peoples blog which is nice because if you want to look at someone elses blog you can. It also has links to different website that have to do with music. It has all the things my blog needs thats why i conisder it to be a good blog. If you want to check it out you could click on the link below this.

MTV Music Blog

Saturday, October 2, 2010

"Drop Out Factory"

Recently there was a new clip that said that Roosevelt High School was a "Drop Out Factory". I have to agree that student drops out but we arent the only school that has students dropping out. I feel that i have to prove this wrong because there are some really bright people in that school who i know personally. We have to prove people wrong about us being a dropout school.